Inspire Play Innovate Workshops to nurture innovative thinkers

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Design as a way of thinking
Design as a means to innovate
Design as a path to progress

Inspire and empower children to adopt innovative ways of thinking to enhance their creative confidence.


We believe that creativity alone is not enough to solve global issues, we need to arm the next generation with the skill set to think innovatively. We believe that a single shift in the way they approach challenges today can have a significant impact on the world of tomorrow. That’s the key to genuine change and progress.


By leading hands-on workshops in which children are free to explore their creative potential. By using design as a tool to:

→ Observe → Analyse → Create → Model → Test


Multiple formats are available.

Inspire × World Design Day 2018

2018 Partners

Design Exchange (Toronto)
Casa Wabi (Mexico)
MALBA (Argentina)
Triennale Design Museum (Italy)
Open Design Cape Town (South Africa)

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